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25 January 2024

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Recognising the disruptors and change makers

Entrepreneurial spirit. Innovative mindset. A passion for change. Committing to progress in corporate sustainability requires vision and resilience to succeed.

From reducing scope 3 emissions to collaborating for the greater good, leaders around the world are making huge strides to put ESG at the forefront of their businesses.

Winners and finalists were celebrated on 19 October at The Garden of Amsterdam.

Carbon Reduction Award

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Recognising an organisation that is significantly reducing greenhouses gas emissions across its value chain Companies across the world are committing to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and ensure global warming is kept to below 1.5°C. Leaders in this space are translating this intent into action, making fast progress to reduce their CO2 footprint in both their direct operations and wider value chain.


  • Bayer
  • Global Fashion Group
  • Graham Packaging Company
  • Philip Morris International
  • Signify
  • Trane Technologies

Sustainable Supply Chain Award

Showcasing a company that demonstrates collaboration and innovation in addressing ESG issues in the supply chain For many organisations, the supply chain is responsible for most of their environmental and social footprint. This category recognises teams that are adopting innovative methods to identify ESG issues in their supply chain and are working collaboratively with suppliers to effect change.


  • Barilla Group
  • CBRE
  • Grundfos
  • GSK
  • INNIO Group
  • Kontoor Brands
  • LLoyds Banking Group
  • OMV
  • Schneider Electric
  • Suzano

Circular Economy Award

Recognising an organisation that is leading the way towards a more circular model of business The circular economy challenges businesses to rethink their operations and value chains. To bring about a more sustainable future, it demands the creation of ‘loops’ in which materials and products are continuously reused, recycled and retained. This category recognises an organisation that has gone above and beyond to help create this economy, making significant changes to how they run their business to do so.


  • Bleckmann
  • Clarios
  • Eastman
  • Graham Packaging Company
  • Lexmark
  • Maire
  • Paris
  • PermaFungi
  • Polycarbin
  • Recykal
  • ResourceCo
  • Signify
  • Sustainsect
  • Mi Terro
  • The Iksha Foundation

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Recognising organisations that have embedded diversity and inclusion into how they run their business Today, many organisations are doubling down on diversity & inclusion, with many publicly committing to making inclusive growth a priority. Leaders in this space are going beyond making pledges for better D&I, with tangible changes made to their hiring practices and both company-wide and senior-level representation.


  • Bruce Power
  • Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company
  • Exxaro Resources
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • HP
  • Resolute Forest Products
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance

Profit with Purpose Award

Recognising companies that have put sustainable growth at the heart of how they do business There is often a perception in business that profit and sustainability are at odds with one another. Leaders can demonstrate that this view is incorrect and that, far from being an inhibitor of profitability, sustainability can be an enabler of it.


  • Diversey
  • ecording
  • Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company
  • Fortive
  • Greenvolt

External Partnership Award

Showcasing a collaboration between two organisations that is having a positive and lasting impact on ESG conditions Organisations cannot address sustainability conditions across their value chains alone. To make progress, businesses must partner with a range of different external stakeholders, from consumers to suppliers, to local governments and NGOs. This award recognises one such collaboration and the positive impact it is having on sustainability.

Highly Commended

  • IHS Towers


  • AT&T
  • Bayer – Better Life Farming
  • Bayer – German Red Cross Collaboration
  • Bruce Power
  • CGI
  • Diageo
  • EMR
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Hayleys Fabric
  • IHS Towers
  • The Mills Fabrica
  • University of Sheffield

New Launch Award

Celebrating a newly launched product or service that is having an immediate impact on sustainability As more businesses embrace ESG, new and exciting products are being launched into market with sustainability at their heart. This award recognises one such product or service launched over the past 12 months and its positive impact on people and planet.

Highly Commended

  • CoreZero


  • CoreZero
  • EMR
  • Firstplanit
  • Fresh Del Monte
  • Kontoor Brands – Guilt Free Denim
  • Kontoor Brands – Low Carbon & Water Shirts
  • Schneider Electric
  • The Boeing Company

Sustainability Excellence Award

Recognising the organisation that is leading the way in environmental and social sustainability From an organisation’s environmental footprint to how they address social conditions and racial and gender equality, how “sustainable” a business is can be determined by multiple indicators. Leading companies are making progress across the spectrum, systematically changing the way they operate to reduce their impact on the planet, foster better inclusion and diversity, and improve the livelihoods of those affected by their business.


  • AB InBev
  • Asahi Europe and International
  • Brandix Apparel
  • Britannia Industries
  • Hayleys Fabric
  • Kelani Valley Plantations
  • Merck KGaA
  • Talawakelle Tea Estates
  • The University of Faisalabad

Sustainability Team Award

Showcasing a sustainability team that shares a clear purpose, drives progress, and effects change The sustainability function is critical in modern business. To achieve their ESG targets and grow sustainably, businesses now look to their sustainability teams to lead the way. This category recognises the team that works collaboratively towards a shared sustainability purpose. This team will demonstrate initiative, creativity, and resilience to effect change in their organisation and improve ESG conditions.


  • Atlassian
  • Autostrade per l’Italia
  • British Standards Institution
  • Croda International
  • Dentsu
  • GSK
  • Paramount
  • Posti Group
  • Stryker
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Ultra Music Festival

Sustainability Leader of the Year Award

Celebrating the senior-most sustainability leader who empowers their team, inspires progress, and is focused on delivering sustainable growth Sustainability leaders are changing how modern businesses operate. By implementing new ways of working, building teams, and inspiring those around them, they are leading the way to a more sustainable future. The Sustainability Leader of the Year award is open to Chief Sustainability Officers or the senior-most ESG executive within the business.


  • Alex Schuman, Schrödinger
  • Anna Lungley, Dentsu
  • Carlotta Ventura, A2A
  • Ezgi Barcenas, AB InBev
  • Geoffrey Pegg, TELUS
  • Ghinwa Chammas, British Standards Institution
  • Julie Tucker, BE Offices
  • Karl Pettersen
  • Mary Jane Melendez, General Mills
  • Maurice Loosschilder, Signify
  • Michael Boyle, Ethos Engineering
  • Michael Train, Emerson
  • Stefan Phang, Diversey
  • Tracee Auld, Graham Packaging Company

Future Leader Award

Highlighting an individual to watch for the future – a high performer passionate about environment and social justice who is set to have a lasting impact on sustainability Recognising and developing future leaders is crucial to ensure a more sustainable way of conducting business. These are the individuals who will transform the way in which companies approach environmental and social issues, paving the way towards a more sustainable future.


  • Alyssa Caddle, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Marcos Jimenez, Ethos Engineering
  • Richa Desai, Graham Packaging Company
  • Shane Faulkner, KPMG
  • Thomas Newbigging, GSK

Sustainable Technology Award

Recognising a technology that is having a transformative impact on environment and society Technology plays a crucial role in sustainability. Whether reducing CO2 levels in the manufacturing process or developing sustainable design methods, businesses cannot progress the ESG agenda without innovation. This category recognises technologies that improve environmental performance (such as in the use of energy, materials, and waste) or social conditions (such as labour rights, health and safety, and working conditions).

Highly Commended

  • Vigilent


  • Applied Materials
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Honeywell 
  • TE Connectivity
  • Vigilent
  • watttron

100+ Startup of the Year Award

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Celebrating a start-up that is disrupting markets with its innovative approach to sustainability In tandem with the rising importance of corporate sustainability, the number of start-ups with sustainability at the core of their business model is increasing every year. This category celebrates one such start-up that is making a transformative impact on the ESG space.


  • Atlas AI
  • CellForm
  • Evolectric
  • Firstplanit
  • Green Joy
  • Kran
  • Neoplants
  • Nyun AI


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Entry Overview

‣ Detail what markets and regions your organisation operates in.
‣ Explain how sustainabillity is structured in your organisation, and how and why this contributes to superior performance.


Elevator pitch

‣ Imagine you have 60 seconds to communicate the impact of the project or initiative to your board of directors.
‣ Describe the entry and its impact in a 60-second video.


Describe your approach

‣ Describe the challenge (or the opportunity) that the entry addresses.
‣ Explain the reason for you committing resource and/or investment to the initiative.
‣ Outline what you did.
‣ Describe how you ensured the outcome would be a success.
‣ Explain who was involved from procurement, the wider business and beyond.
‣ Show when the initiative was established and how long it took to show results.
‣ Explain the impact of the initiative and why it was deemed a success. Showcase the impact


Showcase the impact

‣ Provide evidence of the success and a testimonial of its impact by a senior stakeholder from outside procurement.

‣ These can include third-party endorsements, analyst reports, other accreditations etc. Please limit these to three slides/pages Tip: Supporting evidence should be clearly referenced and illustrative of the quality of the submission. Avoid attaching large documents that will disengage the Judges.

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Andrew Boyd
Perfetti Van Melle
Ken Wu
Executive Director, Corporate Sustainability
Gilead Sciences
Geoff Pegg
Head of Sustainability & Environment
Telus Corporation
Ann Tracy
Chief Sustainability Officer
Colgate Palmolive
Chris Shanahan
VP Global Sustainability – Supply Chain
Amita Chaudhury
Group Head of Sustainability
AIA Group
Noomi Jägerhorn
Director of Sustainability
Posti Group
Bertrand Conqueret
CSO and President Global Supply Chain
Volker Tuerk
Head of Sustainability
RWE Offshore Wind
José Antonio Coll
Head of Sustainability
Airbus Defence & Space
Marcella Thompson
Marcella Thompson
Senior Vice President Corporate Environmental Sustainability
Gwenaelle Avice-Huet
Gwenaelle Avice-Huet
Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer
Schneider Electric
Daniel Rodríguez
Director, Procurement & Supply Management
Pan American Health Organization
Delf Bintakies
VP Sustainability, Safety, Health and Environment
Bayer AG
Hervé Le Faou
CPO & Sustainability Leader
Magali Anderson
Magali Anderson
Former Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer, Board Member
Giuliana Orsini
Chief Procurement Officer
TE Connectivity
Viktor Sverla
Group Strategy and Sustainability Director
MOL Group
Giovanni Tula
Head of Sustainability
Enel SpA
Kristen Siemen
Vice President - Chief Sustainability Officer
General Motors Company
Maureen Mazurek
Chief EHS and Sustainability Officer
Becton Dickinson
Ben Porcel
Group head of sustainability operations