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Gather your team for a night to remember as the ‘who’s who’ of sustainability come together to honour and recognise the World Sustainability Awards finalists and winners. Be inspired and network with the global leaders driving positive change for their business and communities.

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Sustainable Supply Chain Award

Showcasing a company that demonstrates collaboration and innovation in addressing ESG issues in the supply chain For many organisations, the supply chain is responsible for most of their environmental and social footprint. This category recognises teams that are adopting innovative methods to identify ESG issues in their supply chain and are working collaboratively with suppliers to effect change.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Improves supplier environmental or social sustainability standards with measurable metrics.
  • Collaborates and innovates with suppliers to drive progress.
  • Ensures sustainability is embedded into regular purchasing activities.

Human Rights Award

Recognising organisations that ensure human rights are upheld across their value chain From forced labour to poor working conditions, the value chains of modern businesses are often filled with human rights issues that must be addressed. This category recognises an organisation that can demonstrate significantly improving human rights – as defined by the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – across its business.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Identifies and addresses human rights conditions across its value chain.
  • Collaborates internally and externally to proactively improve human rights.
  • Ensures human rights standards are permanently embedded into its operations.

Circular Economy Award

Recognising an organisation that is leading the way towards a more circular model of business The circular economy challenges businesses to rethink their operations and value chains. To bring about a more sustainable future, it demands the creation of ‘loops’ in which materials and products are continuously reused, recycled and retained. This category recognises an organisation that has gone above and beyond to help create this economy, making significant changes to how they run their business to do so.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Developed circularity across its own business and value chain, with attention paid to supporting metrics.
  • Contributed more broadly to a circular economy.
  • Worked cross-functionally to ensure circularity is embedded into the business.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Recognising organisations that have embedded diversity and inclusion into how they run their business Today, many organisations are doubling down on diversity & inclusion, with many publicly committing to making inclusive growth a priority. Leaders in this space are going beyond making pledges for better D&I, with tangible changes made to their hiring practices and both company-wide and senior-level representation.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Developed a robust and ambitious D&I programme and strategy, with targets in place that proactively address representation.
  • Made significant progress to the percentage of its workforce from diverse backgrounds; and percentage of senior leadership from diverse backgrounds.
  • Created a governance structure that enables D&I and will lead to greater equity in the future.

Profit with Purpose Award

Recognising companies that have put sustainable growth at the heart of how they do business There is often a perception in business that profit and sustainability are at odds with one another. Leaders can demonstrate that this view is incorrect and that, far from being an inhibitor of profitability, sustainability can be an enabler of it.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Links revenue generation to sustainability, with attention paid to clear metrics that show evidence of both.
  • Evolved its business model to embrace sustainable growth.
  • Developed a cross-functional approach that shows sustainable growth is spread across the business.

External Partnership Award

Showcasing a collaboration between two organisations that is having a positive and lasting impact on ESG conditions Organisations cannot address sustainability conditions across their value chains alone. To make progress, businesses must partner with a range of different external stakeholders, from consumers to suppliers, to local governments and NGOs. This award recognises one such collaboration and the positive impact it is having on sustainability.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Initiated and developed the partnership.
  • Created a governance structure to ensure the collaboration works effectively.
  • Had a significant impact on sustainability as a result of the collaboration, with metrics to substantiate this impact.

New Launch Award

Celebrating a newly launched product or service that is having an immediate impact on sustainability As more businesses embrace ESG, new and exciting products are being launched into market with sustainability at their heart. This award recognises one such product or service launched over the past 12 months and its positive impact on people and planet.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the new launch:
  • Delivered an impact upon its introduction.
  • Was conceived, and the stakeholders involved in its launch.
  • Is innovative and disruptive in its focus on sustainability.

Sustainability Excellence Award

Recognising the organisation that is leading the way in environmental and social sustainability From an organisation’s environmental footprint to how they address social conditions and racial and gender equality, how “sustainable” a business is can be determined by multiple indicators. Leading companies are making progress across the spectrum, systematically changing the way they operate to reduce their impact on the planet, foster better inclusion and diversity, and improve the livelihoods of those affected by their business.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the company:
  • Makes improvements in at least three of the following environmental areas:
    • GHG management
    • Water management
    • Waste reduction
    • Circular economy
    • Clean energy production
  • Addresses and makes improvements in at least three of the following social sustainability areas:
    • Forced and child labour
    • Human rights
    • Community impact
    • Gender equality
    • Racial equality

Sustainability Team Award

Showcasing a sustainability team that shares a clear purpose, drives progress, and effects change The sustainability function is critical in modern business. To achieve their ESG targets and grow sustainably, businesses now look to their sustainability teams to lead the way. This category recognises the team that works collaboratively towards a shared sustainability purpose. This team will demonstrate initiative, creativity, and resilience to effect change in their organisation and improve ESG conditions.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight how the company:
  • Built a high-performing team with a culture of openness and trust.
  • Improved ESG performance thanks to the unique contribution of the team.
  • Fostered a culture for sustainability around the business.
  • Broke down silos and encouraged cross-functional collaboration on ESG improvements.
  • Developed capabilities in the team that future proof the function.

Sustainability Leader of the year Award

Celebrating the senior-most sustainability leader who empowers their team, inspires progress, and is focused on delivering sustainable growth Sustainability leaders are changing how modern businesses operate. By implementing new ways of working, building teams, and inspiring those around them, they are leading the way to a more sustainable future. The Sustainability Leader of the Year award is open to Chief Sustainability Officers or the senior-most ESG executive within the business.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the leader:
  • Introduced innovative approaches and techniques that have advanced sustainability across the organisation.
  • Built a high-performing team.
  • Accelerated progress against the company’s sustainability targets.
  • Fostered sustainable growth across different functions of the business.

Future Leader

Highlighting an individual to watch for the future – a high performer passionate about environment and social justice who is set to have a lasting impact on sustainability Recognising and developing future leaders is crucial to ensure a more sustainable way of conducting business. These are the individuals who will transform the way in which companies approach environmental and social issues, paving the way towards a more sustainable future.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the individual has:
  • Made a significant contribution to sustainability in the company.
  • Gone above and beyond the expected to deliver ESG improvements.
  • Displayed creativity, inclusivity, and innovation in how they work.
  • Stood out from the crowd and shown initiative.

Sustainable Technology Award

Recognising a technology that is having a transformative impact on environment and society Technology plays a crucial role in sustainability. Whether reducing CO2 levels in the manufacturing process or developing sustainable design methods, businesses cannot progress the ESG agenda without innovation. This category recognises technologies that improve environmental performance (such as in the use of energy, materials, and waste) or social conditions (such as labour rights, health and safety, and working conditions).

Entry criteria:

will be looking for entries that highlight elements of how the technology:
  • Directly led to environmental or social improvements, with attention paid to measurable metrics.
  • Was developed and implemented, with attention paid to the stakeholders involved and any collaboration.
  • Was rolled out on time and within budget.

100+ Startup of the Year Award

Partnered by

Celebrating a start-up that is disrupting markets with its innovative approach to sustainability In tandem with the rising importance of corporate sustainability, the number of start-ups with sustainability at the core of their business model is increasing every year. This category celebrates one such start-up that is making a transformative impact on the ESG space.

Entry criteria:

Judges will be looking for entries that highlight how the start-up:
  • Addresses a specific ESG need with its business model.
  • Is having a disruptive impact on people or planet with its solution.
  • Is planning to scale its solution to have a continuous positive impact.

Our commitment to sustainability

1.Sustainability Leaders events are accredited by the ISO 20121 for sustainable event management 2.Guests will be served a fully vegetarian menu 3.We work closely with suppliers to use recyclable onsite materials, local suppliers and LED lighting 4.For emissions we cannot reduce, we will be offsetting to ensure a net positive event 5.The Garden of Amsterdam offers a green experience with sustainable and positive influences through the use of solar panels, energy screens and ESG conscious practices

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