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Holcim’s approach to using digital technology to tackle Scope 3 emissions in logistics

This initiative was shortlisted for the Carbon Reduction Award at the World Sustainability Awards 2022. Find out what is a key success factor when it comes to reducing emissions.


Diversey’s approach to using recycling to drive social impact

This initiative was shortlisted for the Profit With Purpose Award at the World Sustainability Awards 2022 after being assessed by a judging panel of 26 experts. The panel was impressed by the progress being made and felt this initiative should be shared and celebrated.


Hilton Supply Management’s approach to internship and training projects for young people in Egypt

The global hospitality company’s procurement team is helping to empower young women by providing skills and work experience

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World Sustainability Congress

First World Sustainability Congress highlights need for greater collaboration and investment to address Scope 3 emissions

Businesses are now expected to address the carbon footprint of their value chains. But while CO2 in supplier and consumer use – or Scope 3 emissions – makes up the lion’s share of most organisations’ footprint, progress remains slow for most businesses.

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An aerial image of hurricane cloud fomations

Supply Chain and Procurement Professionals need to Engage and Act on Climate Change

Supply chain and procurement can play a big role in mitigating and reversing the effects of global warming. Read how your organisation can help address climate change.

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Business-wide approach to sustainability

Why companies must adopt a business-wide approach to sustainability

Where should responsibility for improving corporate sustainability sit?

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Sustainability Hiring

Hiring for corporate sustainability: what skills are in demand?

As corporate sustainability strategies become more pressing in the face of incoming climate risks, companies face new challenges in their hiring practices to adjust to this reality

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Put a price on carbon, share ESG data, re-design products

Read the hottest 3 takeaways from Sustainability Leaders’ June Accelerator

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Carbon price

How businesses can adopt carbon pricing

While carbon pricing systems are gradually gaining the support of governments worldwide, many companies are taking matters into their own hands and adopting their own internal carbon pricing schemes

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Scope 3 emissions

The challenge of reducing scope 3 emissions and how companies are addressing it

The US tech giant Apple recently called for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require companies to disclose in-depth emissions information, including scope 3 emissions in corporate value chains.

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ESG metrics

Towards reporting on non-financial ESG metrics

How can businesses accurately and consistently report on ESG metrics and demonstrate their value to external stakeholders?

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Human rights due diligence

Human rights due diligence in supply chains: What businesses need to know

How corporate due diligence legislation paves the way for the EU to adopt a binding law on the matter this year

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Carbon credits

Carbon credits: an essential part of corporate sustainability, or greenwashing?

Given the range of opinions on carbon credits, how should corporate sustainability leaders approach them?

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Carbon targets

How modern businesses are setting carbon targets

Every company has a carbon footprint - and need to commit to action

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